2022 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Here’s hoping that the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show actually happens this year. It was cancelled last year and the year before.

Normally when I go I just want to take photos and then blog about what I see, but I think since I got more into the garden I want to go more so now so I can learn more about the garden and what I can do in it.

It is also a great place to find new plants or ones that I have never heard of before. You can get advice for your garden too. I have so many questions, like what is the best way to make my soil more productive? Or how do I get rid of the rats that are eating my tomatoes? Or why do my tomatoes keep getting end rot? Plus so many more.

There are so many things on the internet, I know and I’ve watched lots of it, but much of it is for the Northern Hemisphere, and trying to find information specific for where I live can be so hard.

While I know I will go with my camera again, I also know that I will be seeking out information. I will be trying to learn more and I will share that with you as well.

Hopefully, it does go ahead this year. I’m going to try and be brave and just go. I’m triple vaxed now, if that is the right way of saying it, had my booster last month, so I think by the end of March I should be ready.

For those of you who are wanting to attend, the dates for it this year are 30th of March to the 3rd April 2022.

Tickets are now on sale and you can buy them online, click here.

I’ve put together a gallery of photos from previous shows. I hope you enjoy it.

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    1. I have to admit I’ve felt like that a bit in the last couple of years. Glad I stuck with it though. Thank you Sharon.

  1. Great set of photos. A very different feeling to The Chelsea Flower Show in the UK. Will follow your experiences at the upcoming show and the answers to your questions with interest. Rats that eat your tomatoes does not sound good.

    1. That is interesting that it is different from The Chelsea show, I think I always thought they would be similar, Thank you RJ. The rats are so annoying, they are driving me mad.

    1. I hope so too Sherry, it would be nice to see it again and see what is there. That sounds nice the orchid show. I hope you get lots of good shots.

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