Trying to get back into the garden

Trying to get back into the garden

It is time I think and I am trying to get back into the garden. It is a struggle because I haven’t really done that much in it for years.

Quite a few years ago I really got stuck into the garden. We had a massive gum tree in our back yard that we were pretty much forced to get rid of. It was huge and so beautiful. Our neighbours complained and we had to get rid of it.

Once it was down our back yard was decimated.

Trying to get back into the garden

This image gives you an idea of what it was like.

In some ways, it was nice because it gave me a blank canvas to work with. It doesn’t look anything like this now 9 years later, almost ten really.

Loving the garden

I loved working in it and seeing what I could do. There was even a veggie garden around the back. I had a little greenhouse that I used for seeds. It seemed like a great idea to plant anything that we ate. There was this idea that maybe we could be self-sufficient. It was a nice dream.

Then my daughter got sick.

I had to devote all my time to her then and well, the garden went wild. It just looks too much for me now.

Trying to get back to it now

So here we are many years later and I want that control back. Well, one weed at a time. We live across the road from a big parkland area, so lots of birds.

Really, I want to grow vegetables again. Not a lot, more like a small kitchen garden. Some herbs and the things I need for making salad. I have to start small.

The plan is raised garden beds, good soil and seeds. Hopefully, I will get some great herbs and veggies this summer. I can’t wait for the tomatoes, you know what they say, home grown is best.

More on this coming.

Trying to get back into the garden

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  1. I also got into gardening recently. I have always enjoyed going to a nursery, selecting plants and deciding where to plant them, but then I sort of forgot about them. Now, I actually remember watering them and looking after them. I’ve planted some tomatoes and beans – will see how that goes! 🙂

    1. You sound just like me. I have had so many things die in pots before I got around to planting them. I’m trying to get better at it. I really want to grow tomatoes this year, homegrown always seem to taste better. Thank you Zelmare.

  2. Wishing you all the best. Gardening is a great pastime, and, if I didn’t live in a condo, I might be more inclined to do what you’re doing. I know you’ll be successful. Regardless, it’s a great way to spend time!

    1. Thank you Rusha, I am hoping it will be a good fitness exercise too. I don’t like masks and don’t want to wear one if I don’t have to, so gardening could be a good compromise. I hope you do go out into gardens or parks. There is something very therapeutic about them.

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