Getting the Magazine Out There

It has been a very crazy week and most of it has been taken up with trying to get this magazine out and get people to buy it, support it.


The main problem has been the products page and it not displaying the images correctly. I am sure many have gone to the page and been confused about what to do. I’ve put a note to help, but I know that many people, me included, don’t always read instructions.

We have decided that the best way to do this is to try using a different ecommerce plugin. There is now a shop page at the top, you can click here for it.

shop page

It seems to work okay, except you have to give it a lot of information. I don’t have access to this information, but I will try and find out how to stop it.  Though I suspect you only have to do it once. I’m not sure, we are still trying to work it out. It would be great if people could try it out and see how they go.

This is still all new and I’m so glad that many of you have supported us and continued to buy the magazine.

So now taking some advice from Melissa and her article on Marketing in the latest issue:




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  1. This version represents a spectacular undertaking, Lynne. It’s terrific value for the money.

    May I suggest that you provide article links on the table of contents page. When I review the table of contents, I see some items I want to read right away. Given the size of the PDF, this might be a long scroll to the article. Then at the end of each article, provide another link to take the readers back to the index.

    Again – I’m very impress with the mag. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Don, it has been that for sure, but so far has been very rewarding.
      Very good suggestion and I will give it our layout person and see if she can organize it for the next issue.

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