I was on the television

I was on the television

Okay, I was sort of, maybe it wasn’t exactly me on the television, but two of my images were. It was aired here recently in Australia.

Halifax Retribution

Last year I was sent an email from Halifax productions that they were making a new series of Halifax FP called Halifax Retribution. In one of the episodes Jane Halifax is having a photography exhibition of her portraits and they decided they wanted a couple of other images and they had seen mine. They wanted a couple of my Melbourne images to be included in the show.

I was paid a licence fee for the use of them. They printed the images for it and when the shooting was done I was given the printed images. When they had them printed they were huge. The biggest I’ve seen my images printed.

Earlier this week I had a couple of friends who called me to tell me they had seen my name on the show. They have a poster in the second episode announcing the exhibition and I’m under Jane’s name. Of course, I had to go and watch it as I hadn’t realised it was on yet. I used Channel 9’s website to watch it. It is so cool how you can do that now. Though, I wish when they did the ads in the middle that you didn’t have to watch the same ads over and over. Or not the same one 3 times in a row.

The Photos

This image was shown in the background. It was hard to see either clearly, the show wasn’t about my images. However, this was harder to see.

I was on the television

The following one was more prominent.

I was on the television

I didn’t tell many people because I thought it was funny, but also, you know how it is you tell everyone that you are going to be on or in something and it doesn’t happen. That has happened to me before, so I thought I would wait and find out if it really would be in the show.

They were. I’m chuffed.

It seemed like a fun thing to do. I knew the “exhibition” was going to be at ACCA, which is a prestigious gallery and I figured it might be the only time my work is hung there. That made it more exciting.

I was on the television

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  1. Congrats on a little ‘exposure.’ Hope the license fees exceeded what the jumbo print sales might have been. Ah, the ads on streaming shows. They’re so unappealing to advertisers and potentially cheap, they repeat over and over.

  2. That is awesome. Congratulations. I think your photography is outstanding and beautiful, and it should be in a gallery and on TV.

  3. woo hoo!
    it is a funny thing about telly – years ago I told people I would be in an episode of whatever lifestyle show it was, talking about Irish culture etc – and the next week – nothing. the week after – nothing…and on it went. It popped up eventually but I think everyone I knew had given up on it by then.

    But I did see that episode – now I’ll have to go back and watch it again!

  4. That is very cool, Leanne. Congratulations! Your photographs are beautiful. It reminded me of how much I miss seeing your gorgeous work every week.

    1. Thank you Tim, well maybe when all this pandemic stuff is over you will start to see more, but for now I can’t get out.

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