Reposting UfD: Photographing With Company


While blogging every day has been great to do again, finding stuff to post hasn’t been as easy. I’m trying to write some new posts, and hoped to have one done for today, but it didn’t happen. However, as I was looking through older posts I found this. It is one from July 2015. It is a relevant one for me right now, so it was good reposting this UfD post about photographing with company.

Reposting UfD: Photographing With Company

There seems to be this idea that if you are a serious photographer that you should go out on your own to take photos. I have never believed this or thought I was any less of a photographer because I don’t like going out by myself. It’s not that I don’t, I just prefer to have company when I do. Maybe I think I’m a boring person and talking to myself all day wouldn’t be that great.

I do understand why some people prefer to go alone and I know that who you go with is very important.  I thought I could go through why I like company, beyond just having someone to talk to. Perhaps I will do it in a list.LeanneCole-melbourne-williamstown-20140531-9916

1- Gives you Inspiration

I find when you go with someone else that we almost feed off each other, making suggestions to one another. I know that I have many photos that I would never have taken if I hadn’t been with another photographer.

2 – Gets Me Out of the House

I have a terrible habit of talking myself out of going to places when I am on my own. Before I am supposed to go somewhere the excuses start about why I shouldn’t go, and usually, I just don’t. If I’ve made a date with someone to go abbotsford-convent-gardens-flowers-macro072then I do. I don’t like disappointing people so I just pack my gear and get ready to go. For me, this is a massive advantage.

3 – It is Safer

We go to some places that if I hurt myself I may never be found. Yes, I’m being a little over dramatic, but I could be there for a long time. Knowing that someone else is there means that if one of us hurts ourselves then the other can go and get help. Phone reception is often non-existent in many country areas and if you get into trouble you can’t phone for help.

4 – Someone to Scout for Locations

It isn’t safe to drive and look for places to take photos so having a passenger makes it much easier, and safer. LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6203-3hpm

5 – More Fun

I just think it is so much more fun when you have someone to laugh with. I enjoy laughing and it is good to have someone to have one with. It is so boring when you are on your own and having someone with you means that you can entertain one another.

Picking the Right People to Go With

This is also very important. I don’t like going with my husband or daughters because they aren’t interested in eildon-lake-water-country-farms-8photography and they just want to leave. I feel rushed to get my photos. The best thing is to find some people that you enjoy going out with and want to spend time with.

It is best if they enjoy the same sort of photography as well so you will want to take photos together. There is nothing worse than going out with someone to take photos and you don’t want to photograph the same things. If you are both there to capture the same thing then you will have a lot more fun.

It is also nice to have someone to have a coffee with and just relax. I like being with others when I go to eat at restaurants, it is much nicer.

I have been very lucky and I have a number of people to go out and take photos with. I have built up quite a few LeanneCole-werribee-20140415--5288friendships through teaching and through this blog. It has been fantastic meeting people through WordPress and then having the opportunity to go out and take photos with them.

It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer to go on your own or with other people, the most important thing is getting out to take photos.

All the photos in the post today are from excursions where I went with other people.

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  1. Great post Leanne. I usually end up going alone as most of my friends and my wife don’t get into photography the way I do. I pretty much like to really immerse myself in the place to start “feeling” the subjects. I bore them.

    That being said, I would love to have the company of a photo buddy who shared my passions. The safety point you made is totally valid. I think about that a lot when I am out alone. I try to be careful, but things can happen.

    Several years ago my wife bought me a Spot location device for my birthday. It is a GPS beacon with pre-programmed messages and a way to summon rescue forces. It gives us both peace of mind when I am out on my adventures.

    1. It is hard when you don’t have people to go with. It is harder if people who don’t like photography come with you. I often feel rushed.
      Maybe you can start looking on facebook for groups around you. There often are. Safety is always a concern.
      I like what your wife bought you, fantastic if you are going off the beaten track as well. Sounds like a great idea.

    2. Sometimes it is just worth paying somebody to come with you. I booked a one-on-one with Leanne – not only did I learn a lot, it was also good fun. I have done similar things with other (paid) photographers and never regretted it.

  2. A wonderful blog, one I can relate to. I think taking images with another person enhances the experience… definitely in the same page here 😀

    1. Thank you so much Ian, that is really good to hear. I have to agree, I love seeing what I get when I go out with others.

  3. Do you think it necessary to blog everyday? Surely, the amount of content that you have available should dictate how often to blog. Just a question as I am curious.

    1. I decided to do this to help motivate me. When I have the commitment of the blog it helps me to get out and take photos, something I’ve been struggling with.

    1. I don’t like large groups, but going out with a few friends is fantastic, good to hear you think along the same lines as me Khurt. Thank you.

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