Instagram Images and a Catch Up – Back to Work


It has been a crazy couple of weeks with the trip to Tasmania and now I’m trying to settle down and get back into some work.

Dynamic Range Magazine

Of course, that is always going to mean the magazine and getting the next issue ready for you.

The number of subscribers is slowly increasing which is really good. Remember you can subscribe from the shop page.  You can also buy a copy of the magazine there, if you haven’t already.

Recurring payments. It seems that Instagram automatically sets up recurring payments for everyone, I can’t stop it when you subscribe, but I will go through and cancel them for everyone. We will let you know what will happen with your subscriptions.

Digital Photography School

You can find my most recent article in the following link;

Tips for Different Approaches to Architecture Photography

If you enjoy it, please consider sharing it.

New Experiments

I have talked to you about this before, but I’m thinking of doing some tutorials to sell. I get asked all the time about processing images, and I’ve been thinking about doing a series of video tutorials.

Initially I was going to start at the beginning, but then when I thought about that I realised that there is so much out there on that already. Why contribute to the glut of editing tutorials out there. However, it did occur to me that people like the way I edit, so maybe that is what I should concentrate on that.

So thinking on from that I am going to start with one video, and then see how that goes. If it is a flop, there will be no more. However, if people like it, then I will come up with others.  With this new website I can sell them here. I can put it all together in a zip file, so there will be a video tutorial, notes for what is covered to help out later on, and maybe some images for you to work on as well. Will have to think about how to do that.  So will hopefully be a nice package to get.

The next thing is how much to charge.  If you have any thoughts, let me know. I will have to do some research on what others sell theirs for.

Instagram Photos

I haven’t shown the photos from Instagram for a while, but you have seen many of them already. Here are the ones that I may have shown, but have reworked, or others that I haven’t put up here at all.

[envira-gallery id=”3463″]

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  1. these are so wonderfully moody and the bridge surreal and I love the view I see through the arches- from darkness to light! Good luck with the video Leanne. I would love to see it.

  2. Lovely to hear that you trip to Tasmania went well, Leanne. Loved checking out the previous posts and over 6,000 photos taken. Glad to hear your camera and photography equipment got a great workout 😀

    The new tutorial idea is interesting. You are right in that there are a lot of editing and post-processing tutorials out there, but I think we all have our own style of doing things and learning. Who knows, yours might be a hit. Lovely IG photos. Really like the one at Federation Square. I am hoping to check that out sometime later this week. The colours look amazing and very nice to see there wasn’t anyone in your shot. So peaceful 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel, I had a great time there.

      I appreciate your thoughts on that, but I get inquiries all the time from people wanting to know how I process photos, so I think there is something there for it. I still like to learn from others too, you never know what tip you will pick up. Thanks again.

  3. Fantastic news to hear about video tutorial, love the images you have shown , always wait to see your amazing work . Liz

  4. I would love to see a video tutorial from you .On the price to be honest I have no idea how much those cost . Your photos are amazing Leanne just beautiful! Where can I find the link for the magazine btw? thank you

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