Is Night Photography Hard

Since I’ve been teaching I have heard many times how people think that night photography is really hard.  LeanneCole-Melbourne-CrownCasino-yarra-9993

I thought perhaps I might give away the secret of night photography.

When I am teaching a class I tell them that there is really nothing different to taking photos at night than there is during the day.  Perhaps the only difference is time.  Photos at night take a lot longer.

When you are taking a photo of something during the day you decide what aperture you will use and then decide what ISO would be best.  At night you put your camera on a tripod and then decide what aperture, probably the same as you would use during the day.  The ISO can be very low because you are using a tripod, and if you have a 30 second shutter speed, it doesn’t matter.

So don’t be afraid of photos at night, just try it and see how you go.  Good luck.

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