Little Aire Waterfall – Walking to get to a rainfall

Yesterday I was gone all day. A friend and I are trying to do more hiking so we drove to Apollo Bay and then to Triplet Falls and Little Aire Falls.

According to All Trails it is a 6.4 km hike. Part of it a loop and the rest out and back. The longest part being to the Little Aire Falls.

We left too late and by the time we got there we knew that we should head to the Little Aire Falls first because neither of us had been there before, but had been to Triplet Falls a few years ago.

It wasn’t an easy walk with lots of up and down, steep ones and not to mention the steps. So many steps. I think it is safe to say I hate the steps when we go out into the bush like that. I’m not very tall and they are big for me.

When I was reading about the walk the people reviewing it said if it has been raining use hiking poles. So we took them but only used one each. I am so glad we did as it was very slippery in places, though I wish I had used the two. I don’t know it just seems awkward with only one.

So here are the falls.

I did use my tripod for this. It was different hiking with a camera bag and I know the weight of it made it harder than my usual walks.

When we got back to the loop part we did contemplate doing the rest of the work, but it was getting dark and we decided to be safe and head to the car.

We didn’t take a lot of photos of the rainforest that we walked through. It was beautiful but hard to photograph. It was packed with stuff. I will do another post with some other photos in a couple of days.

Great day out with Chris. I didn’t get home until after 9.30 which is why my post today if very late.

This morning I’m tired, and one calf muscle is a bit sore, but overall I feel pretty good and keen to do more hiking.

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  1. Great photograph of that lovely waterfall! I admire you for hiking with all your camera gear, including tripod. I find I have to travel very light these days.

    1. Thank you Sarah, it was worth the walk. I have to admit I kept my pack as light as possible. Though I’m thinking I might need a lighter tripod for that kind of images.

    1. It was a lovely surprise that waterfall. The poles were fantastic, they help so much. I just have to use both next time. Thank you.

  2. Lovely photos. I couldn’t hike with heavy camera gear, let alone a tripod, so congratulations! The results are great to see, but aaagh! It must have been difficult.

    1. Thank you Margaret. We did carry light, so as little gear as possible. The tripod was a light one too. It was a hard walk, but very rewarding when I got back to the car.

  3. Speaking as someone who didn’t have to do the walking, bag toting, or mud slipping, it was worth it.

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