Long Exposure of Mentone Pier at Sunrise


Yesterday morning was a very early rise so I could be in Mentone before sunrise.  There is an old pier there that so many people photograph to do long exposures and I had never captured it. It seemed like a good subject for my last outing with the Tamron 24-70mm G2 before it went back to Tamron Australia.

Long Exposure

The morning was perfect for long exposure photography. It has been fantastic trying the Tamron out with longer exposures, like three minutes. I’ve really enjoyed using the lens.

The long exposure in the following image is taken with the new Firecrest Ultra 10 stop ND filter from Formatt Hitech.  It was a 3 minute exposure, ISO 100 and f/8. The camera was being held steadily by the Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod. The Nikon D850 has been performing really well with all these long exposures as well. I am so glad I purchased it.

Mentone Pier

This pier is almost not there. What is left are the remnants of it. However, it also makes it a very desirable place for photographers in Melbourne. The different tides will give you different depths, not to mention the different times of day. Sunset is a great time as well. You will get it behind the pier. We were there for sunrise.

Be aware that it is a very popular beach and many people walk around there, so you won’t get the place to yourself, especially at this time of the year. That also means there are lots of dogs as well. Make sure you keep an eye on your gear.


The weather seems to be improving for long exposure photography and there are quite a few workshops coming up for those wanting to learn how to do long exposures. The dates so far are on the workshops page, you can click here.

If the dates don’t suit you, then consider doing a 1 on 1 LE photography session. They can be a lot better as well. If you think that would suit you then click here.


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    1. I know 😉 my family lives around there but I moved and now live in Auckland but your photos make me miss Melbourne …so beautiful

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