Monochrome and Colour of a Scene in Melbourne


Last week I was doing some long exposures in the city and when I went to process one of them I converted it to black and white first. This is what I ended up with.


I decided to use this image for Monochrome Madness over on my other blog today. I like how it came out in monochrome.

As I usually do I converted it back to colour to see how it would look.


I lost some of the detail in the sky, but the blues in it are quite nice. It is going to be personal choice I think as to which one is better. I don’t think I have a preference.


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  1. I love the composition, and see merits in both the colour and B&W version. Have you considered keeping most of it monochrome and brushing some colour back in-( eg the river and bridge)?

    1. That is pretty nmuch what I did Richard, I tried to get rid of as much of the colour as I could, but it kept it colour. Thank you.

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