Monochrome Wednesday – Morning at Docklands

Monochrome Wednesday - Morning at Docklands

While looking for images for Monochrome Wednesday I was reminded of some photos I took earlier this month on a gorgeous morning at Docklands.

Another image of home really. I couldn’t count how times I have taken photos in this area. Often I do it so much and then I get sick of it. When that happens I stay away for a few months, and then the drive to go back hits me.

Every time I go there it seems different. I get different weather conditions and the clouds are always different. Doing it in monochrome is also different for me.

Webb Bridge in Monochrome

It is a very interesting bridge and I like to see what I can do with it. It is a popular one and there are often many people on it as well.

You could concentrate on just the bridge and many do, but I like to capture what is around it. The architecture around the area is often more interesting than other parts of the city. As it is new, well newish, many of the buildings are more modern. However, having said that there is a lot of new construction going on in the city so who knows if that will change.

It is also an area where you can get the pink skies for sunrise. Or at the end of the day, you can get the sunset, though only at certain times of the year. It is different throughout the year.

It is a spot that I do get bored with, but never for long.

Monochrome Wednesday - Morning at Docklands

Joining in

It would be great if you would like to participate, especially if you enjoy the monochrome images. If you want to contribute there is a Facebook groupTPM Photos which you can join and share your images. Of course, if you are blogging no reason why you can’t post your own. I like this challenge and it is nice to be thinking in monochrome again.

Monochrome Wednesday – Morning at Docklands

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