New Zealand Wanderings – Dunedin Botanical Gardens

New Zealand Wanderings - Dunedin Botanical Gardens

My car and other things have kept me busy this week, so I thought we could do another New Zealand Wanderings and look back at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. They are stunning and you can’t help thinking autumn was perfect to see them.

New Zealand Wanderings - Dunedin Botanical Gardens

New Zealand Wanderings – Dunedin Botanical Gardens

This was one of the last places we went to before we left Dunedin. One of the things that both Suzzanna and I like to photograph is gardens. We tried to visit quite a few while there. Sadly, I didn’t have a macro lens with me so perhaps I wasn’t as into it as she was.

I love my macro lens, but I didn’t have one for the Fujifilm X-T3 camera, or the other one I had with me. I had to make do with the XF 18-135mm. It did a great job, though I was limited with just how close I could get.

One of the good things about using that lens is that you can also do images of the scene as well. It was nice to get a representation of the whole place and not just the close-ups of flowers. Though, if I wanted both I would have used both cameras.


One of the reasons we went to New Zealand when we did was because we hoped to get the autumn colours. We were very worried that we might have missed it. In Australia autumn can happen very quickly and before you know it, it is done. When we left we thought we might have missed it, but were so happy that we saw the colours everywhere.


We wondered around for a while and I took quite a few photos. It was hard to narrow them down, but I did it and have 18 photos for you. I hope you like them.


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  1. A place to enjoy and relax! A survey in England has found that Gardens are top of visitors lists.
    I love going to Kew and Wisley and gardens open for the National Garden Scheme

    1. Thank you Diana, it was that for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found the same thing here. Victoria used to be called the Garden State and we had a lot of them, actually we still do.

  2. Great photos, Leanne. Brings back good memories from our two days spent in Dunedin before our Sub-Antarctic cruise. I loved the shape of the greeenhouse in the Botanical Gardens and have processed one of the photos in black and white.

    For more photos from Dunedin:

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