Should I give it a name?

Should I give it a name?

I keep asking myself, should I give it a name? I’m talking about my sourdough starter, in case you were wondering. Am I crazy?

Of course, the answer to that is yes. I am absolutely crazy, I must be because I have been trying to find a name for my starter.

Deserving a name

When I started this journey I swore I wouldn’t do this. However, it seems most people do it and now that it is almost 4 months old, perhaps it is time to give in and admit there is an affection towards my flour and water concoction. Over the months I’ve tended to it, loved it even. There is no doubt I have an attachment to it.

This starter has yet to let me down and everything we have tried has worked so far.

So here we are, does it deserve a name.

Why are starters always female?

In the quest to think of a name, I have asked myself this many times, why do they always have female names?

Seriously they all do, well all the ones I’ve seen.

Is it because bread that is baked at home is considered more of the job for the woman of the house? Is it about reproduction? I kid you not, there are questions that I have absolutely no answer to.

Do only certain ones deserve a name?

Perhaps you can only give your starter a name if you started it yourself. Mine did start as an empty jar and then I put in some flour and water in equal parts each day. Then after a while starting throwing out some each day. I have nurtured it, feed it, encouraged it. It has take patience and confidence in myself to do this.

I have it, I have it.

Perhaps it is because it is like a child that you give birth to and then nurture to maturity. Well, unlike a child you then use it and throw it away, or eat it as the case may be.

So a name

In case you haven’t worked it out, I did come up with a name.

So I would like to introduce you to Gertrude.

Should I give it a name?

Now I just need to work out if I should name the other two as well.

Too much time on my hands perhaps. Too much time to think more likely.

Should I give it a name?

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  1. Much too funny. Strong, sturdy names probably will work the best. I would say use any name, male or female. It shouldn’t make a difference. There are male kitties that are referred to as “her”, and some even have girl names. When it’s discovered they are male, the name change is not observed by those male cats. 🙂

    1. Thank you David, I have been using the name Gertrude and the other one is now Herbert, they are both doing well. It is fun. That is funny about the cats. I wonder where Susie, my cat is right now. I haven’t seen her for a while.

  2. Leanne, I really enjoyed your post. First of all I am dedicated sourdough bread baker since many years. Second, I got my first sourdough starter from my blogging friend Cecilia in Australia, she had mailed to me to the US many years ago, and it was named by her Priscilla …. at some time I thought I should give it a different more personal name…. but I decided to leave it with it’s “borne” name. So precious Priscilla has served me hundreds of breads with so much pleasure.

    1. I have heard of Cecilia, unfortunately because of the pandemic I had to make my own. Doesn’t matter, it was a good experience. Maybe you should, give it something uniquely you.

  3. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Gertrude. I like that name, Leanne. Sounds sturdy. Just like sourdough bread.

  4. How funny, Leanne. Here we have a similar topic: Hermann. You get him from a friend together with a ‘manual’ and follow the instructions: feed him according to the plan, let him rest and in the end you part him in 4 pieces: one for your oven and 3 to give away to friends. If you’re interested I can asks my wife if she has some more information I can share with you.

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