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  1. Such gorgeous and vibrant colors! What type of flower is that? Thank you so much for sharing with us 😊πŸ₯°

    1. It’s completely okay! I am the same way with plants. My dad was a botanist in his spare time, and when he would tell me the names of plants, I would always forget them lol πŸ˜‚

    2. Thank you, I know the name of some, and when I buy them I see the name and then I forget. I do have an app on my phone that helps identify them, It is called picture this and you can take photos of photos of flowers and it will tell you. My husband and I even used it on the tv with a computer game when we were trying to work out what the plants were. lol

  2. Fantastic, beautiful! And, happy Australia Day, Leanne. I am late on that. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

    1. Understood if you refer to any governmental body. Our govenmenbt is a farce, I communicate with a couple of UK bloggers that despise what comes out of Parliment too. The world is a damn mess and I’ve had enough!

    2. It is more the date of it. They put the date for Australia Day as the same day the first fleet arrived. The first ship of convicts, so it meant the end for the indigenous people here. The land was taken from them with little thought and they were persecuted. Much like Native American’s were. They I think the latter were given more respect than those here. So the day has become known as Invasion Day as well. Many people want them to change the date, but our gov. and subsequent ones refuse. It is so ridiculous not to change it. Would make so many people happy.
      Though with Gov, yeah I think nearly all of us have had enough. I want to know when politicians stopped supporting the people who voted for them and started supporting big business so much they don’t give a damn about the rest of us.

    3. I see, thank you for the clarification, Leanne. That is so terrible and I see why some call it Invasion Day. Damn politicians are the same no matter the country. It’s all about them, to hell with the people. Ludictous…

    4. Thanks John. It really has become all about them, you don’t see many that are willing to give up their careers to fight for what is good for their country or their people. It seems to be more about what they can get out of it for themselves and maybe their mates.

    5. Exactly! And, how sadly true, Leanne. We are thousands of miles apart yet the BS is the same old game. 😩

  3. Lovely photos. It’s mid winter here on the east coast of Canada and this morning’s temperature is a nippy -11Β°C. No flowers in my snow and ice covered garden so thanks for sharing yours.

    1. Thank you Ceci. I’m glad I could show you some colour. Though it is very hot here so we aren’t getting a lot of flowers. Keep warm.

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