Silent Sunday – Revisiting Princes Pier

Silent Sunday - Revisiting Princes Pier

The other morning I went to Princes Pier, revisiting it again and I thought it might be a good topic for Silent Sunday.

Often when I do these posts I am revisiting older photos, but today’s is about me actually going back there to take photos. It is a place I’ve been to many times really and I went with the view of seeing if I could do something different.

Princes Pier

This spot is a very popular one in Melbourne. You will find most Melbourne photographers have been there several times. Also, it isn’t unusual to find visitors to the city seeing it for the first time.

If you do a search for it you will find hundreds, possibly thousands of images for it. It is one of those iconic Melbourne photography spots. It is also a very popular spot for fisherman.

My first visit was back in 2015 I think. I went with a friend, a visitor to the city. Since then I’ve been quite a few times.

It is a great spot for sunset and that is when you find most photographers going there. It can be quite busy at that time of the day. While I have photographed it at sunset I actually prefer the start of the day. While you don’t get the beautiful colours of sunrise, you can still get colour. You can get that pink that fills the sky which I quite like.


So on Friday morning I went there. I wanted to take photos because the place I am getting my images printed is close. The sunrise was beside it, which worked well as the gates were closed when I first got there and I couldn’t take photos out on it. I took some photos across to Station Pier where the Spirit of Tasmania comes in. The sun was coming up right behind it.

Once the gates opened I headed out to the end. I was so surprised to see that I was the only one there for almost half an hour. It was fantastic. I guess that is one of the things I love about photographing home, you can often get that.

So I tried some things I haven’t done before. I have worked on the images for the last couple of days and have the results for you here.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Silent Sunday – Revisiting Princes Pier

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  1. Very nice morning light. I especially liked the image with the chrome ladder rails. It seemed a bit out of place there, so that made that much more interesting – good light on it too.

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