Silent Sunday – That Wanaka Tree

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

Though I usually do something from the past for my Silent Sunday posts, I thought it might be nice to look at the images I got of That Wanaka Tree while in New Zealand. There were a few.

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

Silent Sunday – That Wanaka Tree

Before I went to New Zealand I remembered my last couple of trips to Tasmania. I had spent almost a couple of weeks there, but when I looked back there were only a few images that I thought were really outstanding. With that in mind, I travelled to New Zealand thinking if I got a few images I would be really happy.

In the end, it was the truth. I loved what I saw, but I really only got a handful of shots that I think were outstanding. That could change with time as I work my way through them.

It does have to be said that one spot where I got some of my favourite photos was That Wanaka Tree.

We went there on two mornings.

First Morning at the Wanaka Tree

The first we didn’t like the position so much. We did go with the idea that it would be a scouting mission to help us work out where to go the next morning.

We were more or less right in front of the tree and got there too late to really get anywhere good. From what I had heard about the tree I was expecting a lot of people, well maybe about 30. I thought it would be like it is here, everyone would take a shot and move. There were be opportunities to try other places.

It wasn’t like that at all. There were far more photographers there than I expected and no one moved. Well, almost no one. Once they had their spot, they stayed there. Once we knew that we realised that the next morning we would have to head down there very early to claim the spot we really wanted.

This was taken that first morning.

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

I am not that partial to the images taken that first morning. No clouds and not much mist.

Second Morning at That Wanaka Tree

We got there an hour before sunrise. We were freezing, even the knew socks I had purchased the day before to keep my feet warm did nothing. It was so cold. Think frosts. The car had been iced over on both mornings. I’ve never had to deal with ice on a car like that before.

We got there and worked out where we wanted to take photos. We couldn’t take any photos because it was so dark. Couldn’t focus on anything. There was a bus group there as well. They were in front of the tree, we were down a bit from it. They were shining lights onto the tree and I was trying to use that focus, but wasn’t having a lot of luck. I did a couple, like the first image in the post. You can see the stars moving. It was good that we got there early, with so many other photographers showing up, it was the right decision. We think around 200 were there.

It was clear that the plan to get the mountains in the background may not work as all you could see was mist. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Mist is wonderful.

Photos from Second Morning

I played around with the Fujifilm X-T3 camera with the XF18-135mm lens, plus the XF100-400mm. The first one was the one I used the most really. Though this was taken with the XF100-400.

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

It is one most of you have seen already. I like this one.

However, I have now processed a couple more that I thought I could show you. All the other images were taken with the XF18-135mm, except the first morning shot which was done with the XF10-24mm.

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

This is one of the few that I managed to get with any colour from the sunrise. I put it up on Instagram and it seems people liked it. That is always nice. I like that the mist cleared a bit at the top so you could see the snow capped mountains.

Then there is this one, I haven’t really shown this to anyone really, or rather not gone public.

That Wanaka Tree in New Zealand

It is one of the few long exposures I took. This is probably my favourite out of all them. I like the simplicity of the image.


Though some of my favourite images came from Wanaka I won’t remember the place fondly. Most of you have heard what happened there, but if you haven’t, this post has the information about my experience, New Zealand Wanderings Day 5 – That tree again.

It is sad that events like that can dampen your trip. I am hoping that eventually, I will be able to look at the photos without thinking about that.

We will see how many other photos I fall in love with that were taken during that short time.

Sorry, this Silent Sunday – That Wanaka Tree post has gone on a bit long. I hope you are having a great weekend.


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  1. Just . Beautiful . Happy days when images such as these pop up on your screen I’m sure…. as well as ours 🙂
    Fabulous Leanne !
    Singing heart moments 🙂 Always chasing such …

    1. Thank you Poppytump, I am so glad I got them, I didn’t get a lot of images that I was really happy with, but these were fantastic.

  2. Whoa, I love these. I especially love the last two shots. Absolutely beautiful. It is difficult to imagine 200 people crowding the outskirts of these photographs. Fantastic job! Keep up the great work. 🙂

    1. Thank you Christa, I really like those as well. It was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, so many people. Thank you and I will do my best to do that.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how this tree garners so much attention. I had never heard of it. It is definitely a photo op, and your images are lovely. You spent a lot more time than I would have, and I’m sure got better shots. I tend to be an opportunist rather than a planner.

    1. Yeah, you wouldn’t think that a tree in water would, but people love it, I loved it too. It makes great images. Thank you David. I didn’t spend that much time. I think when you spend all that money to go overseas you want to make sure that you get the best chances to take photos and that is what I was there for really.

  4. Love your silky LE Wanaka Tree images! By the time we got there thecweather hsd changed, the Wind was up and each time I went down there were white caps on the lake, though I must admit I didn’t get there at dawn. Bonus was that there werent many phogographers at all but with those condigions it wasnt worth setting the trpod up. Next time!

    1. Thank you Chris. That is a shame to hear. The wind can be a real pain at times. Yeah, I’ve heard that about other times, easier to take photos, but conditions can be a bit iffy. Yes, next time.

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