Tasmania – Day 1

Tasmania – Day 1

This is going to be brief, I have had a very big day on not much sleep from last night, but I wanted to share with you some of the photos and to let you know I arrived.

We caught the Spirit of Tasmania last night and drove the car onto it. Interesting way to travel, on a ship. Sleeping was also different, the constant rocking and rolling. I liked it, but I didn’t really get much sleep.


This was us mucking around as we waited to drive on the ship with the car.

Having the car is fantastic, and gives us so much more freedom. At this time of the year it was much cheaper to put the car on the ship than to fly and hire a car.


We stopped at a a few places along the way, like Mt Roland that had a head of clouds on it.


Not everything was as we wanted, but it was a great day. Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake were on the list of things to do today and we were not disappointed.

The sky has been very overcast and we got lots of clouds on the mountains. We did the circuit walk around Dove Lake and really enjoyed that, well most of it, except maybe the massive hill and steps near the beginning of the walk. If you ever go then I suggest doing the walk in the anti clockwise direction. Get the big hill over and done with at the start and then enjoy the rest of the walk.


Some lovely areas to take photos of.

We are now in Queenstown and looking forward to exploring around here tomorrow.

I am totally stuffed now, and while it was a good day I’m looking forward to some sleep tonight. Β Here is a gallery with the above images and a few more for you.

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  1. Oh dear. Another place to visit on my trip to Australia. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous shots, Leanne, as always.

  2. LB

    So excited for you, Leanne! I’ll look forward to following along on the adventure πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome! Have fun today.

  4. Tasmania is on our bucket list – we think 4 months would do it justice… Perhaps next year.
    This year it is a Kimberley Cruise and about 3 months of exploring central WA. Heading to Broome right now – got to be there for the start of our cruise on the 23rd of June. http://www.odysseyexpeditions.com.au/itinerary_9_day_mitchell_plateau_broome.htm

    • It is worth it that’s for sure. I would love to spend more time here, but a week is all I can afford. Enjoy Broome, that’s on my list too. Thanks Erich.

  5. Hi Leanne You are in a wonderful place hope the weather is kind, Love the structure on Dove Lake and the bridge across the stream, Try to get up on the north east coast near St Helens. Think its called Bay of Fire and the castellated rocks is also interesting. Enjoy where ever you go and don’t let the weather stop you taking photos.

    • The weather is wet, we are hoping it will clear up, or we have to find a way to photograph with it. We aren’t going to make it up there this time, unfortunately, next time I hope. Thanks Ron.

  6. Liz Combes

    Glad you are enjoying it so far … Here in Sydney it is torrential rains and hurricane winds … Very unpleasant weather but kids are beautiful

  7. focusfor

    AND THATS JUST THE FIRST DAY. You are going to have a very busy time. Tasmania has so much to offer, and I hope you find much of it. Enjoy your time there.

  8. We did the walk clockwise and went down the hill at the end. It’s a beautiful walk. So glad you saw a wombat. Aren’t they chubby little creatures.

    • Yeah we were glad after we did it that that part was at the start, the rest is great. We were too and he was so cooperative, did what we asked. They are. Thanks Carol.

  9. I wish that I can visit Tasmania next time I go to Australia, we were SO close – in Melboune….
    I’m looking forward to follow your trvel there.
    Maybe you will find our Crown Princess Mary’s footsteps ?!

    • I’ve lived in Melbourne for 30 years and this is my first time, lol. It is well worth the visit.
      Thank you, oh I don’t know about that, haha.

  10. Hey Leanne hope you get that sleep .. Lovely images, enjoy Tassie πŸ˜ƒ

  11. Looking forward for the next days. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Leanne, Looks like you are off to a great start on your trip. How fun! Lovely photos! (of course!) πŸ™‚

  13. The wombat put a smile on my face! Thank you πŸ™‚

  14. just fabulous Leanne. I would love to visit there too!

  15. Love the cheeky wombat at the end – the wet and misty feel of the photos is somehow comforting after all the too warm weather we’ve had.

  16. This looks like a fascinating place!!

  17. Spectacular photos! Sounds like a great trip.

  18. Some great shots here, Leanne. I love the lone tree with the mountain backdrop – well spotted and composed.

  19. Looks beautiful sweetie! Have a great vacation! Hugz Lisa and Bear

    • Thank you Lisa, we are having a great time so far, shame about the weather, but we knew that could be a problem with coming her in the winter.

  20. Go to the Tasmanian devil sanctuary.

  21. evanchristie

    Day 1 and stuffed already. Hope you recover by the morning as we’re all waiting to see more of your photos.
    Keep up the good work Leanne!

    • More tired Evan, but good today after a very comfy bed and a good nights sleep. Today, however not stuffed, but it is very wet here, though not as wet as where you are. Thanks and I’ll do my best, especially with the rain.

  22. Hey Leanne, I’d be interested to know what gear you carried with you to get these shots. Lovely images.

  23. Leanne, hope you are having a great time….after a bit of sleep! love the Tazzie photos and the shack is Awesome!! cheers, Debi

  24. Lovely atmosphere. And a wombat too.

  25. Been thinking of you with the East Coast low coming down. Great that your first day at Dove Lake was good. Enjoy the rest tonight.

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