Monochrome Wednesday – An old shearing Shed

Monochrome Wednesday - An old shearing Shed

Time did get away from me for Monochrome Wednesday so today’s image is an old one that I did of a shearing shed. It was used once before.

Monochrome Wednesday – An old shearing Shed

So much is happening, but I am planning on getting out to take photos a lot over the next couple of weeks. Need to start building my new library with photos taken with the X-T3.

This image was taken a few years ago now when I was up visiting my mum’s place. We went to a farm where no one lives in the house anymore, but the shearing shed is still used. It is over 100 years old.

Shearing sheds have quite a distinctive smell them, but it is one I like. Reminds me of being a child. I used to play in one with some neighbours kids. Good times really. When I look at images like this the smell comes back.

I’ve been meaning to go back to this place, but with my tripod. The day I went I didn’t have it with me and it was hard to get good photos. It would be nice to spend some in the dark shearing shed with the camera on my tripod, preferably Winston.

Here is the final image.

Monochrome Wednesday - An old shearing Shed

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