The show is over


The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is over for the year and now I have 100’s of photos that I will need to sort through. Once that is done I can work out which ones I will do more with.



The show is over

The show is on for 5 days, but I really only average 3 usually. It was the same this year. The one thing I have noticed in the years that I have been going is that I should try to get the macro shots early. By the time the fifth day comes around the flowers can be starting to look a bit over it all.

It was also different this year as there didn’t seem as many flowers to photograph as there had been other years. Not sure if I was just expecting more, but there didn’t seem as many stalls with flowers. There were lots of stalls, but more gardening supplies and that type of thing. A few things that didn’t seem to have anything to do with flowers or gardens.

My garden

Still, there were still enough to make me happy and give me ideas for my own garden. As I usually do, I came home with quite a few pots of plants. When I am looking for things for my garden my criteria is fairly clear, they have to have flowers that I would love to photograph.

My dream is to create a garden that would be amazing for macro photography. Eventually, I would like to get to a point with it so that I can run some macro photography classes here. I have a semi-large garden and it is possible to do. Though, before I get it to that point I will need to do a lot of work to it. There are a lot of weeds out there.


The work has started and I have a couple of images for you. I have put one of them up on an Instagram page that I have. It was one I started for my macro photography, changed it to something, but have now made it macro again. If you want to check it out, here is the link, it is TPM_macro.


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    1. They certainly are, if they flowered and had interesting ones, I wouldn’t mind, but they just take over. Thank you Carol.

  1. I found the same thing at the Canada Blooms show this year. There weren’t as many flowers but there were lots of companies advertising their landscaping services.

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