The weekend so far

It is Sunday morning here and I’m sitting here listening to the sounds of our roof being replaced. With all the rain we’ve been having the guys replacing the roof decided to make the most of the good weather and do it over the weekend. More rain is predicted next week so it is probably a good move.

I was lucky yesterday to be out nearly all day, so I didn’t have to put up with it a lot, but poor Tiddles, well, he isn’t sure about it all. He jumps at every sounds. Hopefully it will be finished soon.


Yesterday morning I was up very early to teach a workshop down at Princes Pier. When I first got in the car and told Google maps where I wanted to go it told me that Princes Pier may not be open. That was a worry, but I found the gates wide open when I arrived. It did make for a nervous drive getting there.

The workshop went really well and while there were only 3 participants, I have to say, I really liked that. I think 3 people for these is the perfect number. The don’t have to fight for me, and all their questions can be answered and we fit around a table for coffee and a chat really well.

I really enjoy teaching long exposure photography, and find it so much fun. It is great talking to people and sharing something I am really passionate about.

Here is an image from yesterday.


The next one is in a couple of weeks down at St Kilda. Click here for details.

Van Gogh the NGV

I had hoped to do a whole post on this exhibition that is on at the National Gallery of Victoria, but it was such a disappointment. I’mΒ sure it is a great show, but I could hardly see anything. There were so many people seeing it that it was barely standing room. Everyone seemed to be following a path around the images, and if you don’t look at paintings at the same speed then you were standing around being very bored.

I spoke to many other patrons who felt exactly the same way. It was not fun at all. It seemed like the NGV was packing in as many as possible for maximum revenue. I think the term is revenue raising.

Trying to see the paintings around everyone’s head. In the end I left. I felt claustrophobic in it and being touched constantly by other people is not my idea of fun. I did talk to someone who worked there and she said that during the week is better, and early. I might try again. Will see how I go with time.

It is hard to know how you, or anyone, can enjoy an experience like that when it is so crowded. I also didn’t like the way the exhibition was designed, which seemed to be that follow the leader sort of thing.

Here is one painting I almost got close to.

So that was Saturday

Today is going to be all about listening to the roofers replacing the roof. One of them just went through the plaster in the ceiling. We got a skylight where we weren’t expecting one. We know how to get that fixed now after losing the ceiling in one of the bedrooms earlier this year after a massive downpour of rain.

I have quite a few articles I need to get done as well. There is always work to be done.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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  1. Tiddles is gorgeous! I hope the roof replacement has gone well and that peace now reigns again. πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed hearing about your workshop and how it went. I really hope they become more popular, and a good source of income for you, so that you can continue creating magic with your photos!

    1. Thank you Reggie, we think he is very cute, the best cat in the world really. lol. the roof continues, but hopefully it will be finished today.

      That’s great, I love the workshops, so it is good that you enjoyed the story. I do as well. Time will tell.

  2. Yes very frustrating going to a blockbuster – I always stay on the inside and move with the crow and it is better when you have a commentary as you can prepare your thoughts before you see the art work. The Leonardo da Vinci was one of those verybusy exhibitions

    1. I haven’t been to one for a few years, I understand why now, haha. I don’t know that I could do that with this one. I am hoping to go again, during the week and early. The exhibition you went to would have been amazing, I wish we got more like that here. Thank you Diana.

  3. What a frustrating experience at the Van Gogh exhibition. Was there timed entry? At most special exhibitions I’ve been too, including the free ones, there is an entry time on the ticket so as to avoid overcrowding.

    1. It was Laura, especially when you pay for it. No there wasn’t any timed entry. I think they should have it, you book a time to go, only so many for that time. It was just horrible, I have no idea how they can keep the work safe when there are so many people in there. Thank you Laura, I will have to pay to go again I think, but not on a weekend.

  4. Why are they touching a painting like that! Your kitty is gorgeous, hope he survives the noise. 😻❀️😌

    1. They aren’t touching it, just looks like they are, though with that many people it is hard to understand how they could possibly keep a close on them. Thank you, we think he is too, I’m sure he will, he seems to be getting used to it.

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