A new video where I’m talking to you

A new video where I'm talking to you

I’ve been trying to work up to this and I finally did a new video where I’m talking to you. I have revealed myself, so to speak, or my face at least.

Perhaps it was time, I don’t know. It was scary to do though.

Making a video of myself

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching videos on how to make videos. It is an interesting thing. I really like the format in some ways. I don’t have to worry about spelling mistakes or grammar, you know what I mean.

In the video, I have talked a bit about it. Why I wanted to do it, or what I needed to get over. It is very weird talking to a camera, but I did kind of like it. Not sure I can watch myself, but hopefully it will be okay. I’ve only just started getting used to hearing my voice. That is scary.

So, I have done this video, but there is also a catch up of what has been going in the garden as well. I know a few of you quite like that too.

As I go forward I want to video about other things too, so next weeks might be a bit different.

Some macro flowers

There are so many more flowers in the garden this year than normal. I have to admit I have been planting and growing a lot. I love them. That also means I’ve been photographing them.

I finally got around to working on a few and I hope to be doing a lot more from now on. We really need to get another desk so I can use it for my photos.

So here are three from the garden this week. You will also see them in the video.

Finally, here is the video I made this week. Think about subscribing to help me with it. Take care everyone.

A new video where I’m talking to you

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  1. Very awesome first video, well done putting yourself out there. As someone else mentioned, love your glasses. You look and sound very happy and have me enthused to go start my garden. One thing about your raspberries, their roots like to be in the shade and grow towards the sun. Or, that’s how it is for our black berries here in Alabama, USA. And, last year our tomatoes did horrible. We thought maybe the seeds were bad because everyone around us had the same issues. They’d rot before ripening. Love how you have flowers mixed in with your vegetables.

    PS. You are wonderful at food photography, not sure where you got the impression that you aren’t.

    1. Thank you Ginger, it is a bit weird. I love my glasses too, though they are meant for using on the computer, but I wear them all the time at home. I don’t know about the raspberries, they are growing well, I guess time will tell in autumn to see if they fruit. I do plan on moving the ones out front next year into one of my raised beds. I was told we weren’t getting enough sun for the tomatoes, and maybe too much summer rain, we have had a bit and I’ve heard that can cause rot. No idea, but I hope I get some. I have to have my flowers, I love to photograph them.
      I think I don’t have a lot of confidence with food photography. I might have to try it again at some stage.

  2. Very cool really…very good to see you!! Fun!! I have a suggestion though it could just be my messed up hearing. The foreground music seemed to overwhelm your talking. I did put on the CC closed captioning and would read what you were saying. But, if the foreground sounds could be in the back and you in the front maybe better. Again, Unless it is just me and my cochlear implant.

    1. Oh, okay, I will have to keep that in mind. The new video I did, I tried to make sure there wasn’t any music when I was talking. Thank you for letting me know Judy.

    2. No problem, trying to be constructive with it. Foreground audio can be the bane of a hearing challenged person’s existence sometimes. It was fun to actually see you after the years of that internal sense we all get of a person seen through writing only or work products as your images. Wish we all lived closer sometimes.

    3. It was good feedback, I don’t always know. Thank you for letting me know. I know what you mean, we get an idea of what a person looks like and they are usually nothing like what you thought they would be. It would be great if we all lived closer, so much fun.

  3. It has been a delight to meet you after all this time. Sure, it was just a one-way visit, but I enjoyed it and and thank you for inviting me in. By the way, I love your hat! Be well!

    1. Some parts of it are growing so fast, I love it too. Thank you Lena, I feel good that I finally did it. I still can’t watch the footage though.

    2. That would be tough. I would be very critical of myself. But in a way that may not be a bad thing — to not be able to watch the footage. I expect people with an unhealthy love of self would love to watch themselves. By the way I am l losing my hair too.

    3. I am the same Lena, so critical of myself, I think it is something we all do, see the faults more. Thank you Lena, and thanks for letting me know that too, nice to hear from someone else that it is happening too.

    1. I love the dahlias too, so many more are flowering now, I will have to do more video of them. Thank you Sherry, that is good to hear.

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