Springtime in my garden

Springtime in my garden

The last few days I’ve been out in my garden weeding, so too tired, but here is a touch of springtime. The flowers are starting to come out.

It feels like forever since I did a post like this. My garden has been coming along and sometimes I think there aren’t that many flowers out there, but when I go looking, there are more than I think.

Springtime here

This isn’t the first time I have told you how much I am loving the garden right now. Still, there is so much work to do out there. My back has been killing me and the muscles in my butt are very sore from bending over. I’m just glad that when I get up in the morning I feel great. That is also part of the reason I haven’t been blogging a lot, too tired.

Over time I am hoping that as I do it more that I won’t find it as difficult. The garden is looking so good and I want to keep getting out there.

A macro garden

It has always been a dream of mine to have a garden that was full of plants and flowers that I could photograph. Maybe that has been even more important lately.

There is quite a few things that have been growing for years, but I want to extend that and have more. It would be fantastic to fill the garden with flowers everywhere. When I was just out there I saw a butterfly there that I had never seen before here. That needs to be encouraged. So I am hoping over time more life will be out there.

I went out with the macro lens and captured some images for you. So nice to get out there with the camera. Will have to start doing it a lot more. I hope you enjoy these images.

Springtime in my garden

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  1. Love working in the garden itโ€™s so rewarding in seeing beautiful flowers flourishing … purple amazing color

    1. It is, I love going out to see what is flowering. Now I love going out to look at the vegetables as well. It is lovely, especially early in the morning. Thank you Francesca.

  2. Nice shots, Leanne. I, too, have been out doing floral photography. (Can’t do anything else with this lockdown.)

    1. So very true, though I have to admit I haven’t missed going out and taking photos as much as I thought it would. Good to hear from you Don. Thank you

  3. Lovely photos. Strange to think it is Spring where you are when it is Autumn here. Gardening is a very healthy past time; good luck with filling the garden with flowers.

    1. I guess it is something we have got used to here. We are always in the wrong season for many things in the Northern hemisphere. I couldn’t agree more, my body is certainly understanding how hard gardening can be. I’m loving it, I am feeling fitter every day. Thank you RJ, flowers have always been something I could grow, it is vegies that I have trouble with the most.

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