Weekend Wanderings: Looking back at past Flower and Garden Shows

Earlier in the week I received an email to tell me that my application for accreditation to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show was accepted. I’m looking forward to spending some time there, for photography, and also to get some ideas for my own garden. I thought today I might take a look at previous visits from the last couple of years. I’m going to repost a blog from 2015. 

Yesterday I told you that I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with my macro lens on Friday. I took something like 550 photos and by the time we were ready to go I was exhausted. It is tiring when you’re taking lots of photos.

When I decided to start processing them for this post, I got a little carried away with some of them and couldn’t stop myself doing some new things to them.  I am trying out some stuff, and I thought I would try them out here and see how they go.  I am undecided what I think of them, but I think I like them.

I am just going to put them into a gallery and straight after I am going to put another gallery of images that were all processed in lightroom, and I haven’t done too much too them.

Here are the heavily processed photos.

Here is the gallery for the lightly processed photos. I am going back to the Flower and Garden Show today, the last day.  It will be nice to just wander and see what I’ve missed the other few days.

If you look closely you will also see the floral piece that I photographed the woman making in yesterday’s post.  It is was all finished and we could look at them.  I loved it and thought it was great.  There were also lots of very different plants and I had so much fun using the macro to photograph them.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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  1. I like the first set more as to me the point of taking flowers is to capture some emotional attachment, not a recreation of reality. These remind me of seduction.

  2. Leanne, the “overly processed” ones are really stunning, and I’m not typically drawn to that. You’ve created art with your photography. Really great

  3. Thank for the wonderful floral collection,Leanne! Pretty soon we hopefully enjoy the sight of such beautiful flowers in our latitudes.

    1. You’re welcome Peter, I”m sure you will be looking at some very soon. I just planted a heap of bulbs, I’m looking forward to winter here.

  4. I know I am no expert but the less processed photographs are more immediate and give more of a sense of being there but the processed ones would look good on a wall as an artwork.

  5. oh my goodness Leanne! Inspiring – these are stunning, and I adore the feature in its magenta/lavender and black! WOW to all of these. i am so, not a photographer. I know, I shouldn’t say that and compare… but Leanne, these are magnificent. 🙂 cheers, Debi

    1. thanks Leanne! I gave myself a pep talk, LOL and of course I can’t do as well as many others who have been doing it for twice as long. I tell my painting groups the same, exact thing! anyway, I’ll keep on practicing. no quitting 🙂 cheers, and hoping you have a great weekend!

    2. Glad to hear it Debi, pep talks are good. I often give them to myself as well. That is good to hear Debi. YOu have a good weekend as well.

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