Weekend Wanderings – Low tide at Warneet

Warneet tidal river, low tide

On Thursday I went to Warneet with my friend Chris to be there at low tide and I thought it would make a good place for Weekend Wanderings. We tried it once before, but the tide was in. It is so much different when there is very low water.

Warneet tidal river, low tide

Weekend Wanderings – Low tide at Warneet

As I said we went there once before, but the tide was in and didn’t look that special. Finding it with the tide out made it so much better.

We were looking for boats our of the water. There were some, but of course, we couldn’t get that close as the ground was very soft mud. We went as close as could before we started sinking.

Unfortunately, I took the wrong lenses. Usually, I just go with my wide angles, but I did wish I had taken my longer one, the 70-300mm. The boats were a fair distance away and it was hard with the longest length being 70mm. It was always going to be one of those days where we would just grab the cameras from the car and go. Knowing that I should have brought more lenses and given myself more choices. I will definitely do that next time.

Warneet tidal river, low tide

Days out with friends

I love going out with friends. The chit chat is good and when you find a photography friend that you can have a lot of fun with is even better. I met Chris a few years ago and I think we just clicked.

No partnership is ever perfect, however, most of the time we just laugh and tease one another, it is great. There is no competition or jealousy between us. Possibly because she always shoots in black and white and me colour. That makes it easier I think.

When you are picking someone to go and take photos with it is important that you both respect one another. There should also be no jealousy. Well, almost none. Though the jealousy is more fun than anything else. It isn’t real. I am envious of how she does some of her images, especially if they are ones that were taken when I was with her.

The days we have out are always good and I find I am always looking forward to the next one.


For the gallery, I have processed some photos. The weather was not my favourite type. I am not a fan of bright blue skies and lots of sun. Though it was good to see the place at low tide and I know I will want to go back another day when there are clouds. You know what I’m like, I don’t like blue skies.

All the images were processed in Adobe Lightroom. I like using it when I’m just doing basic editing and want to do a lot of images.

It is the weekend now, time to get out and take some photos. Have a good weekend and a safe one.

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  1. ‘I am not a fan of bright blue skies and lots of sun.’–Leanne, this made me smile. I love your dark, moody images so this is very different for you. I do like them, though–especially the last photo of the red/white boat. Those reflections are beautiful.

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