Do I need to plan videos for YouTube?

Do I need to plan videos for YouTube?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself, really, do I need to plan videos for YouTube? I have been doing it a bit ad-hoc.

Now that I have finally taken the leap to talk to you on YouTube I am getting more comfortable doing it. I still can’t look at myself after I have filmed it. Perhaps I will get better at that. Since starting I have started to get better at listening to my voice at least.

Plan Videos for YouTube?

I have been wondering if it would be better to have some sort of idea each week about what I want to do there. Showing you around the garden is great, but some weeks not much changes.

Some of the ideas I’ve had is to do some baking ones. Like maybe showing you how I make my pizza. Perhaps a cake or something like that. I like doing things in the kitchen and I often play around with recipes.

Maybe out in the garden I could do more videos on what I plan on doing. I have been trying to show the problems I’ve had as well as the successes, but I know I need to start planning more.

One thing I want to do is maybe not cram so much into one video. Give myself a time limit of how long the video should be.

Do you have any suggestions? Anything you would like to see me doing?

This week

We have had a lot of rain this week. Yesterday we had 52mm of rain. The garden is so wet, it is wonderful. Hopefully, things will really take off now. One can hope anyway.

So a lot of the video this week of the rain. I also did a quick video of me making some buddha bowls. They are new to me, but we are falling in love with them. The best part is that many of the ingredients in it are coming from the garden. Gotta love that.

I do hope you enjoy the videos. There is a freedom to video that I just don’t find with writing everything.

Take care everyone and I will see you next week.

Do I need to plan videos for YouTube?

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  1. Hi! I think that everything you do is amazing! I recently found out your blog and I am so happy I did!! I don’t think you need planning because everything you do turns out to be just great , well cuz it’s u! I am someone you would call a fan because you have inspired me too much! I started a cooking and baking blog recently and would love for you to check it out!🤗🤗😀

  2. Hi Leanne. Your garden is simply amazing. You’ve put a lot of work in it, so, yes, definitely show it off. Meal prep is also a good idea. We all love to get a hold of new recipes. I think you do need to plan your videos and keep them to about 10 minutes. It’s easier for us to view a 10 min. video each day than a 25 min. video all at once. Planning a video is like writing a story. It needs a beginning, a hook; a middle, the story; and an end. That’s my subjective opinion and I hope you take it as such. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Hey Anne, thank you, I’m so happy with how everything is going in it. Thank you for the suggestions, I’m working on one now about making sourdough pizzas, so that will be up next. I don’t know about 10 minutes, but I want to try and keep them under 20 at the very most, so we will see how I go. Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate it.

  3. I don’t have much time to spend on watching videos. I prefer short videos of 1 – 3 minutes. Tutorials I watch sometimes go on for about 10 minutes with lots of useless filler words so I wind up fast forwarding. I think most of us have short attention spans. 🙂

    1. I think I knew that people would find that, I’m sorry to hear though Sherry. Many of the videos I love watching from those I subscribe to are around 20 to 30 minutes. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Hi Leanne – it has been nice to see your face on the videos and lovely to see your garden! You ask do you need to plan? I think you do and it should have some sort of hook to keep people interested – showing how to do something, a recipe… whatever it is you are filming needs to have a purpose in my view. I also think you might want to make the vids a little shorter. 25 mins is a long time to hold people’s attention. But that’s me… so I hope I don’t offend you with these suggestions.

    1. Thank you Chris, it has been a little strange, can’t handle watching myself, but I love doing these. So much fun. I am going to be doing more of all those. I don’t mind the 25 minutes, though if it were under 20 I would be happier, so I think I might aim for that. I like the idea of it being about my life now, my retired self. lol.

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