Favourite Flower 2 – Chrysanthemums

Favourite flower, chrysanthemums

Last week I mentioned Dahlias and this week I wanted to tell you about the 2nd flower that is a favourite of mine, chrysanthemums. Every time I think of them I remember that scene from Anne of Green Gables when they were spelling the name of them.


Favourite Flower 2 – Chrysanthemums

When I was growing up I knew about them, but never really gave them much attention. Now I am finding them extremely hard to grow. It is funny how some things will just grow on their own, while others need so much work.

A couple of years ago I spent a bit of money on plants for the garden. They were okay when first planted, but then they died off. The following year only two came back. I haven’t purchased anymore since then.

They have different types, and colours. Though I tend to think of them as simple flowers. They remind me of daisies. They do come in lots of different colours which I like.

Mother’s Day Flower

In Australia, they are often referred to as the “mother’s day flower”. It is probably because they flower around mother’s day. It is funny because the name has the word mum, so it is appropriate. Well for Australia it is. I don’t know what other parts of the world do for the day. If they have special flowers for it or ones that are known for that day.

You can buy the cut flowers everywhere around that time of the year. That time of the year is basically now, with mother’s day fast approaching.


While I don’t have a lot of them in my garden, plus I can’t grow them, doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. I am trying to learn more about the garden and what I can do to grow the best flowers. As I’ve mentioned before I want to have a great garden so I can use it for my macro photography.

I have gone through and put together a few of the photos of this flower for you. Do you like chrysanthemums?

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  1. I like Chrysanthemums too for their colours and shapes, but in France where I am originally from they are a funeral flower, used in cemeteries, so it feels odd to be using them for mother’s day here.

    1. There are so many colours, love that. That is interesting, I wonder why they are that there. Here white calla lilies are considered mourning flowers. We should start looking into this sort of thing, so interesting. Thank you Chris.

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