Getting back into the groove

Getting back into the groove

It kinda feels like that. I’ve been going out and taking photos, well I was before this short lockdown. I’m sure once it’s over I will be again as well. However, I am also trying to get back into processing my photos again.

Photos again

Processing my images has been so hard in the last year and a bit. I’m stuck on a laptop most of the time, which is fine, but I have really missed my large monitor. That monitor has been Dave’s (my husband) work monitor since he started working from home in March last year.

If I want to use it I have to wait until he finishes each day or use it on the weekends. I know that sounds like I’m complaining, or maybe I am just using that as an excuse. Though much of last year it didn’t matter because I wasn’t really taking many photos, but now that I’m getting out again, the drive to do something more with my images is starting to happen again.

Getting my mojo back

It has been good to find that love for photography again. To want to go out and take photos, but also to come home and process them.

As I said the other day I have been out a bit and I showed you some of those photos. I have also done a lot more work to some others. They were challenging, but I love the results and I want to do more now.

New video

I have published a new video on YouTube and in it, I have tried to show you where the photos were taken to help give you a better sense of where I’m going and what the area looked like.

It is something I want to do, it is my way of taking you along on my photography trips.

This trip was not exactly what I was hoping for and the day went in a different direction. However, if you want to know how then you will just have to watch the video.

You can see one of the photos that I did more to as my header, but the rest are in the video.

Take care everyone and don’t forget to subscribe to either the blog or the video, or maybe both.

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  1. Hi Leanne, I can relate to what you said about using a laptop screen and how frustrating it can be! When I moved between houses, I did that too. Great read, thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing what you create 🙂

  2. Hey Leanne, it’s been a long time. Like you, I’m getting my mojo back and enjoying blogging for fun. I’m linking this post to your name when I reference some of your good photographic advice to me. I think of you often whenever I look at my menagerie of Australian stuffed animals looking at me every day. Hope you are well. 🙂

  3. Happy you are happy again

  4. I am enjoying your journey. Keep on creating!

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