Monochrome Wednesday – Princes Pier

Monochrome Wednesday - Princes Pier

Getting out to take photos has been hard, but this one from Princes Pier looked like a good choice for Monochrome Wednesday.


I wanted to talk to you about these posts. Over time I’ve noticed that Monday seems to be the day that most monochrome challenges are done and I’ve wondered if I should change to that day. Or should I go back to calling it Monochrome Madness? I always loved that name. Not sure why I stopped.

I really need your input on this one. Please tell me what you think.

Princes Pier

It could be said I’ve done this to death, but when you had such a magical morning there as I did, you keep finding more images. I still don’t think I’m finished, though there is only one or two left that I will probably process. Even I am starting to get sick of them if I’m honest. However, having said that I have thought all the images I have got have been wonderful.

The image I have for you today is more of a standard type of image that people often get when they go there. Nothing wrong with that, it is just that kind of image you feel you have to take when you go there.

It is a long exposure and was taken with the Fujifilm X-T3 and XF10-24mm lens. I was using Winston, my very reliable 3 Legged Thing tripod and my 10 stop ND filter from Formatt Hitech. The exposure was 2 minutes.

Monochrome Wednesday - Princes Pier

Formatt Hitech

Formatt Hitech have a Black Friday sale going on and if you use my code you will get 20% off the price. I also get a kickback, it is an affiliation code.


That is the code to use at the check out to get your discount. Not sure exactly when it starts, today sometime, but if it doesn’t work, just wait a few hours. Here is the link to the website, Formatt Hitech.

Monochrome Wednesday – Princes Pier

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  1. Monday might be a little easier to remember as it starts with the same letter as Monochrome.

  2. If I remember correctly, you stopped due to the amount of time MM took to get together.

    I like the sense of distance and the pull of your image.

    Really well composed as always 😀

    1. Yes, that is why, I won’t be posting other people’s photos, it will stay as it is now, but the name will go back to MM.
      Thank you, have you been there to photograph that area?

    1. It is WP. I can’t see your images in any platform, web, PC or Android phone in the WP reader. I see everyone elses. I have to get to your site to see the images.

  3. OK so first, your picture is stunning! Second, I love monochrome madness! Wednesday’s are awesome as well! Whatever fits your week!

    1. Thank you mammasquirrel, I loved monochrome Madness too, so sounds like you think the madness should be on a Wednesday, I like it.

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