My Garden – A dahlia


After yesterday’s post it seemed like a nice idea to show you a flower from my garden. This is one of my dahlias. It is growing well.

My Garden – A dahlia

In my garden, you will find a few dahlias, but I haven’t had a lot of luck with them. Last year they didn’t flower. I found out it was because I wasn’t feeding them enough. Well, this year, I’ve done that, but now the flowers are getting eaten and I don’t know why.

Obviously, some bugs are getting to them, but I have to work out what. Then I have to work out how to stop them. Gardening is such a mystery to me.


My grandmother was a wonderful gardener. She loved it and she would spend a lot of time in hers. Whenever I went to visit she would take me around it and show me what she was doing. I wasn’t really interested, but I went anyway. Now, of course, I wish I had listened and asked questions. She died over 10 years ago.

My Mum

Yep, my mum got the green thumb and she has so many things in her garden to photograph. I always take my macro lens with me when I go to visit to see what I can get from her backyard.

She has got into quilting now, so the garden is a bit neglected, but there is still a lot of stuff there to photograph. My mum is full of information and often gives me advice when I ask for my own garden.

My Garden

Well, it has to be said my garden is lacking, but I have plans to make my garden a great one for taking macro photos. I plant things that have flowers that I know I will love to photograph.

The idea of being about to step outside in my pj’s to take photos if very appealing. I can’t lie and it has been a dream of mine for a few years.

So here is one dahlia that is doing well. No idea why, but there you are.




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    1. Thank you Don, I was using the D850 with my 105mm macro lens. No idea what the settings were, sorry. High ISO, small aperture.

  1. Lovely photograph. I too am not a natural gardener. I like things that can take care of themselves. Sounds as if you have found out how to look after dahlias. Never tried they sounded tricky.

    1. Thank you, yes, I have a lot of things that will look after themselves as well. I have some luck with the dahlias, but still a lot to learn. Who knew you had to feed plants?

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