New Zealand Wanderings Day 2 – Lake Cruise


Last night we were fairly certain that our lake cruise for day 2 of our New Zealand Wanderings would be cancelled because of the weather. For day 2 we had a boat cruise and a helicopter flight over the glaciers booked.


New Zealand Wanderings Day 2 – Lake Cruise

As you can see from the image above the weather in the morning was fantastic. The sun was out and we could see blue sky. We were so happy and we knew that our boat cruise on Lake Mapourika would happen.

Rain can be lovely and living in a country like Australia we have to be grateful for what we get, but when you come on holidays, seriously, no rain, please. It had poured down all night and I woke many times to the rain pounding down on the roof.

It was great to see the skies clearing as we drove from Hokitika to Franz Joseph. We should have realised the pink in the sky was going to be an ominous sign. Still, the weather was fresh, but gorgeous when we rocked up to Glacier Country Lake Tours for our boat cruise.


Glacier Country Lake Tours

The water on the lake wasn’t deadly still, but still enough for us to get some reflections. The water was fantastic and we got a smooth ride on the boat.

Our guide Dale asked me about my backpack because let’s face it is huge. I said it was a camera bag and then he asked us what sort of photography we liked to do. For me, it was more landscapes, and for Suzzanna, my friend, it was wildlife and macro. It was great that he asked us as he then made the tour more for what we wanted.

Did I add that we were so lucky and were the only two there this morning? That meant that we didn’t have to fight other people for the front of the boat or put up with people who didn’t want to see the birds.

Dale knew so much about where we were and what all the trees were. At some stage when I get back home I will do a post on more of that. I photographed some information he had so I hope I can identify them for you. If not I might have to write to Dale.


From the boat

We did park and do a great rainforest walk, but after taking so many photos, that will also have to wait for another day. I loved it, and the only thing missing was my macro lens. Still, I hope I captured some interesting things.

The boat cruises are so worth it. If you can get a great morning where the water is super reflective then even better. With the rainforest walk it cost us NZD$125 each and goes for up to 2 and half hours. Was it worth it, yes.

Check out their website, Glacier Country Lake Tours

The added bonus was Dale and his knowledge. It can be so easy to go on these sorts of things and just be shown stuff, but the person not really knowing that much.


The helicopter flight over the glaciers

At the end of the boat cruise, the rain really started coming down. We had a little while out on the lake, but not enough to stop us from taking photos.

We went to the booking and meeting place for the flight, just to be told we wouldn’t be going. Tomorrow we are hoping to be able to go, but the forecast isn’t good for then either. We will see.

If we can’t go then we have options in Queenstown. If the worst happens, then we can get a full refund. That can be nice, but I want to go up in a helicopter.

Stay tuned, more on that later.

Fujifilm and other gear

I think the problems I had with the memory card is now fixed and thank you to everyone who offered me advice on it.

I was using both cameras today and playing around with all the lenses.
Finally got to use the XF100-400mm and realise I need practice with it. I mostly used the XF18-135mm and the XF10-24mm. Of course, I was using the X-T3 and the X-T20. Still working out stuff with them, but learning more all the time.

I really enjoyed playing with the film options, especially Velvia in the rainforest.

The Peak Design travel backpack is working out great too and love how much I can carry in it. This post and all the photos were done with the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13. When the weather improves we will get to use the tripods and filters, we hope.

Tomorrow is onto another place.


All the images in the gallery were taken from the boat. This is what we could see. They were taken with the three lenses I just spoke about.

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    1. Thank you Julie. I am having an incredible time, you live in a beautiful country. Yeah, I’m really considering it, I’m loving the X-T3.

    1. It was lovely, it was so good. The weather has improved, less rain today and hopefully we have seen the end of it. Thank you Carol.

  1. a wonderful set of photographs. Sometimes it is best after rain, colour pops and clouds just make it. The ducks making flight is a great shot

  2. Hi Leeanne. So glad you got some great photos. I do hope you get to do the heli ride. I did one last year over Mt cook and the glaciers. It was spectacular.

    1. Thank you Pam, we didn’t get to do the ride, it was cancelled a second time and we had to move on. It is disappointing, but what can you do. We might see if we can do another one somewhere else.

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