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  1. A small aside? We really do need time zones if we live and think more than locally. Without a touchstone time zone how would a world of instant connectivity work?

    And some very fine images as well I should add. Captioned under ‘After The Rain’ makes me question my suppositions. Thanks.

    1. In my mind after the rain is a time of fresh brightness. But you have the light freshness surrounded by darkness. It is, in a good way, quite disturbing to this old man.

    1. I just looked it up you are 17 hours behind us. Though yesterday you were 18, but daylight savings finished here last night.

    2. I think they just are, when you are asleep we are awake, the different zones just show where the sun is around the world.

  2. Great pictures. They show how nature needs the rain. They just shine after the rain. And we should be aware, that water is one of the major goods also we need. Thank you for sharing
    Best regards

    1. I agree, they do just shine. Yes, water is really important for everything, I’m hoping with all the rain we have had that my garden will love it and grow more. Thank you.

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