Photo Challenge 8 – FLOWERS


These are being posted too late, so starting from this week, I’m going to try and do it on Friday. I will have to make sure the podcast is done sooner. For photo challenge 8 we are doing flowers.


Photo Challenge 8 – FLOWERS

Photographing flowers is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Definitely not my main focus, but I think of it as my hobby. I mean if my other photography, the long exposures is my main work, and the mentoring that I do, then flowers are like what I do on the side. I like thinking of macro as a hobby. It really takes the pressure off and I can just enjoy doing it.

Photographing animals and birds in captivity can introduce you to a whole new set of challenges, so I say, go for it.

Once again, participate only if you want too.

Now the pingbacks aren’t really working, so I suggest if you do a post that you leave a comment with the link in it, and I will approve it.

If you are on Facebook there is a special group for sharing your photos, it is LCP Photo Challenge, and if you would like to join click here.

As always, your interpretation. Do what you want.


There are a few places I like to go and take photos. Over the last few years I’ve been trying to plant things in my garden. If I have flowers here then I can photograph them, but it is hard work. I keep forgetting to get out there. I do have many things in the garden and I do like to see the flowers.

Last year I planted a heap of dahlias, but none of them really flowered. I’m hoping this year will be different. I need to give the garden more attention.

I also like going to display gardens like Alowyn. Many of the images in the gallery will have come from there. I hope you enjoy seeing them again.

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