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MM 4-22: Theme Doors

The lack of numbers for this one seems to show how it has snuck up on us all. Either that or people didn’t like the theme, I like to think it is the first one. It is a small number, but no less beautiful.

The next theme, maybe something more abstract this time, what do you think? How about, IN THE OPEN? As always, your interpretation.
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It is theme week, I do look forward to them each month. I didn’t think I would be a theme sort of person, but I like to see what I can do for them. I have to say there have been some incredible images coming in. I think this is a great post and think the photos are beautiful, I hope you agree. 
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This one snuck up on me, I almost forgot about it completely, and then last week someone asked the question, and I thought, yes it is next week. Here we are and there have been some great entries and responses to our theme of repetition.

This leads to what is next, the next theme will be the first Thursday of July and Carrie from The Shady Tree gave me some suggestions and one of them was Wild, I like that, so that will be the next theme. As always, your interpretation.
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This one caught me by surprise. I thought I had weeks to go and then on the weekend I realised it was now. So amazing that we are at another theme already. It has been lots of fun to see all the images coming in.

We need to come up with a new theme, I was given one idea, believe or belief, I am not sure about it, but if you want to do it then we will go ahead, but I’m open to other suggestions.
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